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Importance of Energy Loops In Anusara Yoga

Basic statements of Anusara yoga are taken from Tantric philosophy that includes the knowledge of energy loops in human body. Those loops are used to provide a body and mind with proper and healthy balance. Energy loops help you to perform yoga asanas easily and to align properly the posture to let the energy flow freely from the inner core to the outer shell and easily circulate through the body.

The main energy loops in our body are shoulder, kidney and skull loops. Shoulder loop is considered among the most important loops as it opens your upper body and lets the energy flow easily to the upper palate, neck, chest and heart. Such poses like upward Facing Dog or Cobra help you to maximize the effects of yoga and open your shoulder loop. The loop can be created by keeping your shoulder blades together while your arms are stretched to the ceiling and your back in straightened.

After you properly created a shoulder loop you may switch in the kidney loop that runs the energy through the chest and shoulders from your kidneys and then lets it flow down the sternum. To open the kidney loop you should pull your waist inside your body and breathe to the back. Use this loop to improve your body strength and freely perform such asanas as Four Limb Staff pose.

Energy loops are used to help your body to find a proper balance and may even protect it from injuries during yoga poses. The navel loop, when you pull the belly in and up, provides you with good balance, while calf and ankle loops may prevent your legs and knees from hypertension.


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